Hiatus Ending!! (sort of)

Hello cats and kittens,

Happy Autumn!!! I know it’s been way too long since my last post,

The peep that did some hard time for killing a man.
I’ll insert this crying peep to beg for your forgiveness on my behalf.

but I’ve been trying to get my schedules (blogging, work, larp, life, & laundry) under control. I’m almost there! Before the end of November, my marketing guru and I have a plan to start posting on a new, improved, and more manageable schedule. This post is just a quick hello, even quicker camp update, and menu for the weekend.

Hello! *hugs* How are you? How’s your mum? Have you larped while I’ve been gone? Job going well? Are you eating enough? Getting enough rest? Oh, me either.

Now that the salutations are done, on to the camp news!

Bad news first:

We are incredibly sad to share the news that YoC’s last caretaker Paul Briggs passed away on August 22nd. I wish I had known him better. But he leaves behind a legacy of kindness and music that shall never be forgotten. If you can, please consider helping his family here.

On another less than happy note: We’ve had some animal losses during the hiatus. Musoki has gone missing and there are only three chickens left. We suspect a fisher cat or fox took the chickens. As for Musoki . . . well, we just don’t know. Anyone in the area, please keep an eye out for him. The other animals on site are in good spirits (albeit missing their compatriots) and are enjoying the change in weather. (to figure out what the heck I’m talking about click here: Who’s who ) The chickens are almost completely free range now, and will be until the first frost. And they do love humans, so they will follow you around camp braaa braaa-ing and making other dinosaur noises.

On the happier side of things, the larp season has just rolled into high gear with the month we like to call Larptober. Here’s the games for this month at YoC:

Oct 2-4 Knight Blades Underworld
Oct 9-11 LIONE LIONE Rampant: Crusades
Oct 16-18 The Isles MA Purgatory Station
Oct 23-25 Winged Throne Productions Future Imperfect
Oct 30 – Nov 1 Alliance CT Caldaria

The game for this weekend is Knight Blades find them here. They have CP exchanges with a few local larps including Lione and CRO.

The meal for this weekend is one I’m excited about. Some new recipes and some changes to old ones, make this a rather fun cooking weekend for the staff and me.


Omelets, biscuits & gravy, waffles (with fresh apple compote), bacon, cereal, oatmeal, fresh fruit, bagels, toast, coffee, tea and assorted juices.


Rosemary shallot beef stew, corn chowder, minestrone with tofu (for the vegans/gluten intolerant), homemade bread bowls (not for the gluten intolerant), salad, iced tea and lemonade. Oh yeah. And dessert: Apple cider cupcakes and Maple Bacon Cupcakes.

You heard me. ^_~

Questions, comments, recipes, pictures of your cats? Share them with me! And if you’ve got larp stories, especially but not limited to those that happened at YoC, please share! I’d love to post about the history of YoC, not just it’s present/future!

Catch you soon, (I promiseeee!!)

Leda et al

Menu for 6/12/2015-6/14/2015

Unicorn enjoys iced tea and a grass salad.
Unicorn enjoys iced tea and a grass salad.

Good morning all,

(Please forgive my derp-i-corn. I am no artist. And no, I don’t know how he’s going to use that spoon . . . or why . . . O_o )

(But until I get one of you fancy artist types to trump me, this will be the picture for menu day!)

If you’re going to be on site this weekend there’s a few things you should do: hydrate, change your socks, listen to the GM’s; and of course eat!

Here’s the menu for this weekend and some factoids and tidbits about it.

Saturday – 9am Breakfast

Omelets & eggs to order – Please see below for the specialty omelet menu.

Biscuits & Gravy – We are contractually obligated to serve them at Isles ^_^




Bagels & Toast

Fresh Fruit

Coffee, Tea, Juice

Specialty Omelets

Harley Quinn: Cream cheese, honey, & strawberries – I know, it sounds weird. But it’s really good. It comes out something like a strawberry crepe.

The Lazy Hero: Sausage gravy, bacon, onions, & cheese. – This was the most ordered omelet at Covenant last weekend!

Monte Cristo: Turkey, ham, swiss, & a drizzle of maple syrup. – Puck’s favorite diner food in omelet form

Carnivore: All the meats and American cheese.

Veggiesaurus: All the veggies and American cheese

Omnivore: All the veggies, all the meats, and American cheese.

The Mouse: All the cheeses (cheddar, American, & Swiss)

Slow Poke Rodriguez: The Mouse, but with hot sauce, onions, olives, tomatoes, and a dollop of sour cream.

‘On fire’: Any of the above with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese.

1 pm Lunch: TBD (Since Isles is the only larp that requests lunch, this always throws me for a loop. I promise I’ll have something planned by Friday!)

6pm Dinner

Chicken Enchilada Casserole – a new recipe I’m trying out for the second time. It’s a semi traditional chicken enchilada filing mixture topped with cornbread. It cooks up something like chicken and dumplings, but with a Mexican flair. Covenant gave it rave reviews; I hope Isles likes it too! Unfortunately, because of the corn bread, this is not gluten free.

Vegetarian/Vegan – Mexican tofu – It’s tofu in a taco inspired Mexican sauce. It’s great over rice! This is gluten free.


Green Beans

Garden Salad

Cheesy Garlic Bread – a YoC classic. Fresh bread coated in garlic butter and cheddar cheese. Crisped to perfection, it’s a great side to clean your plate with. ^_^

Iced Tea & Lemonade

Chocolate Cream Ice Box Cake – Another relatively new recipe for YoC, one adapted from my maternal Grandmother’s recipe collection. Layers of a sweet whipped cream cheese mixture and chocolate mousse turn everyday graham crackers into moist cake when let sit in the fridge overnight. I make it, and I don’t really understand how it works. (I mean, I know the science, but there’s a bit of other wizardry there) But it does work. And it’s amazing. Cool to refresh you at the end of a long day, but sweet and dense enough to satisfy most sweet tooth . . . um . . . teeth?

 Sunday – A note about Sunday, it’s always listed as below, with just the ‘cold’ items, but we generally serve omelets, bacon, etc. until it’s all gone.






Fresh Fruit




 Snacks and Drinks are located in the refrigerator, which is tucked into the corner by the main doors. This is an honor bar, so please place your payment in the box on top of the fridge. We generally only stock the items below, but sometimes there will be fresh baked goods, random snacks, and assorted goodies. If you’d like to see something in there, just ask!

Deli Sandwiches $3, Candy $1, Soda $1, Monster Rehab $2, Ramen $1, Bottled Water $1, Tea $1

That’s all for today folks!


Leda et al