Hiatus Ending!! (sort of)

Hello cats and kittens,

Happy Autumn!!! I know it’s been way too long since my last post,

The peep that did some hard time for killing a man.
I’ll insert this crying peep to beg for your forgiveness on my behalf.

but I’ve been trying to get my schedules (blogging, work, larp, life, & laundry) under control. I’m almost there! Before the end of November, my marketing guru and I have a plan to start posting on a new, improved, and more manageable schedule. This post is just a quick hello, even quicker camp update, and menu for the weekend.

Hello! *hugs* How are you? How’s your mum? Have you larped while I’ve been gone? Job going well? Are you eating enough? Getting enough rest? Oh, me either.

Now that the salutations are done, on to the camp news!

Bad news first:

We are incredibly sad to share the news that YoC’s last caretaker Paul Briggs passed away on August 22nd. I wish I had known him better. But he leaves behind a legacy of kindness and music that shall never be forgotten. If you can, please consider helping his family here.

On another less than happy note: We’ve had some animal losses during the hiatus. Musoki has gone missing and there are only three chickens left. We suspect a fisher cat or fox took the chickens. As for Musoki . . . well, we just don’t know. Anyone in the area, please keep an eye out for him. The other animals on site are in good spirits (albeit missing their compatriots) and are enjoying the change in weather. (to figure out what the heck I’m talking about click here: Who’s who ) The chickens are almost completely free range now, and will be until the first frost. And they do love humans, so they will follow you around camp braaa braaa-ing and making other dinosaur noises.

On the happier side of things, the larp season has just rolled into high gear with the month we like to call Larptober. Here’s the games for this month at YoC:

Oct 2-4 Knight Blades Underworld
Oct 9-11 LIONE LIONE Rampant: Crusades
Oct 16-18 The Isles MA Purgatory Station
Oct 23-25 Winged Throne Productions Future Imperfect
Oct 30 – Nov 1 Alliance CT Caldaria

The game for this weekend is Knight Blades find them here. They have CP exchanges with a few local larps including Lione and CRO.

The meal for this weekend is one I’m excited about. Some new recipes and some changes to old ones, make this a rather fun cooking weekend for the staff and me.


Omelets, biscuits & gravy, waffles (with fresh apple compote), bacon, cereal, oatmeal, fresh fruit, bagels, toast, coffee, tea and assorted juices.


Rosemary shallot beef stew, corn chowder, minestrone with tofu (for the vegans/gluten intolerant), homemade bread bowls (not for the gluten intolerant), salad, iced tea and lemonade. Oh yeah. And dessert: Apple cider cupcakes and Maple Bacon Cupcakes.

You heard me. ^_~

Questions, comments, recipes, pictures of your cats? Share them with me! And if you’ve got larp stories, especially but not limited to those that happened at YoC, please share! I’d love to post about the history of YoC, not just it’s present/future!

Catch you soon, (I promiseeee!!)

Leda et al

Babble day – LARP stuff version: Accelerant

Good afternoon cats and kittens,

This babble day, I thought I’d got over what the Accelerant system is, who uses it, what it’s all about and how it works.

I will only be commenting here and there, when I think it’s amusing or pertinent. But mostly I’ll be cribbing (with credit) from the people that know best.

Our first blurb is yanked from: Madrigal’s System Madrigal is run by the creator of Accelerant, Robert Ciccolini. I’d say that’s a pretty authoritative source, eh?

The Accelerant live action system (formerly known as the nTeraction system) is designed to allow a rich set of skills and abilities without an overly complicated rules set. The system is designed to allow a great deal of options in creating and advancing characters, and allows for hidden and secret skills without needing extra rules to deal with those abilities.

With the Accelerant system, we have taken every opportunity to allow the player’s actions to speak for them. Most of the active skills require real interaction from the player. The rules handle the resolution of our staged combat, allow rogues to actually work game locks and disarm game traps, allow mages to throw battle magic and summon spirits, and even encourage musical performance with a set of Troubadour skills. Our staged combat stresses roleplaying, and we use boffer weapons and packets to represent weapons and magical effects.

The Accelerant system is designed to allow the game to flow without holds or stops in the game play. Every facet of the game, from the rules to the plot to the staff characters, is designed to create a tale without interrupting play. We will work hard to stay in game, and we ask that our players do the same.

For a full set of Accelerant base rules you can go here: Accelerant Core Rules

The main point I enjoy about this rules set, is highlighted in the last paragraph. “. . . game flow without holds or stops in the game play”. Now WYSIWYG is a brutal mistress, and I don’t expect 100% immersion 100% of the time from any larp. But if there is less time that I spend thinking “Oh man, what does that do again?” and more time thinking in an IG way, I really appreciate it. And having a common rules set allows the front of your brain to be in character rather than rifling through a mental rulebook.

While I was thinking in that vein, I staggered across this blog and thought it was pertinent. For an Ohio larper’s review and dissemination of Madrigal’s rule set take a look here: LarpOhio

The author’s name is Tim, but he isn’t credited anywhere on the blog. He does seem to like the system, but doesn’t judge much one way or the other. It seems more like a jumping off point for his readers to discuss how they feel about it, and a bookmark for him to remember he’d like to use this system if he ever runs a larp. Having said that, it’s always nice to see how larpers in other parts of the world think.

Now to switch directions, I’ve pulled this from http://www.accelerantgames.com/ It’s some of the boiler plate for GM’s/Directors/Owners/Potential Buyers:

 “The Accelerant game system is a set of simple, time-tested core rules, upon which a game owner can build their live-action roleplaying game.

. . .

Since Accelerant games completely divorce flavor (called traits) from in-game effects, it is simple to create creatures in a fanciful and flavored way. For example, a Fire Elemental can have “5 Damage by Fire” and “Disarm by Fire”, and have a completely different feel than a duelist who can swing “5 Damage” and “Disarm”, though the in-game effects are the same.

There are many games using the core Accelerant rule system, exploring a wide variety of themes and genres – explore the websites through the icons to the right to get a feel for the types of games the system supports – these include:

Aftermath, Madrigal, Aralis 2, Mirror Mirror, Ascendant, Numina Larp, Brittanis, Occam’s Razor, Clockwork Skies, Shadows of Amun, Cottington Woods, The Isles, Invictis, The Shattered Realms, Zombies: Aftershock!” and others.

Those others, of course, include Lione Rampant: Crusades. Which is happening this weekend at YoC. I’m just sayin’. Here’s a link to their rules, to see how they handle the Accelerant system. READEN ZEE BOOK

Finally here’s a view from an interesting source that I didn’t expect. This is TV Tropes write up on Accelerant larps:

 LARP: Accelerant

The Accelerant system is a LARP (Live Action Role-Play) system that functions as a set of core rules for guiding the interactions between characters in several New England-based LARP games. Formerly known as the nTeraction system, it is developed and owned by Robert Ciccolini.

While games that run using the Accelerant rules can vary widely in genre, theme, and “combat vs. roleplaying” ratio, they all share some basic characteristics. These include the use of boffer weapons and birdseed-filled packets as the means by which combat is resolved, and the general rule that one hit from a weapon or arrow (represented by a boffer weapon or packet, respectively) deals one point of damage in game terms, unless the attacker declares otherwise when they make the attack.

Another feature of Accelerant games is that most of them participate in a Character Point exchange with other Accelerant games, meaning one can play a game as an NPC to earn Character Points and then apply those points to one of their Player Characters.

The general philosophy of the Accelerant rules system is that characters should be able to do as much as possible “in-game” without breaking character or interrupting the general flow of the game. No dice, cards, or rock-paper-scissors methods are part of the core rule system. The game employs a system of effects and traits defined by a common vocabulary which makes it easy to resolve otherwise difficult or confusing actions without breaking the flow of the game.

Read more: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/LARP/Accelerant#ixzz3dQDUQuf0

Are there really larps that use “dice, cards, or rock paper scissors” any longer??? I know that V:tM does . . . but other than that, I’ve never used any of those devices for combat resolution during a larp. It sounds like something that would be cumbersome and would wrench you right out of the immersion. Or it might not, if you’re used to it? Maybe that’ll be my next babble day topic. ^_~

Well I’m off for today, tender lumplings. I hope you have a delightful end of your week, and that wherever you’re larping this weekend, you have an awesome time!

(But I hope to see you at YoC ^_^)


Leda et al

Babble Day! – Interview Version: Rourkie

Today is the day on this blog when we babble!

It could be about larp gear, armor accessories, props, makeup and techniques, prosthetics, game theory, interviews from LARPers (GM’s, NPC’s, Owners, PC’s etc etc), or news and views from YoC!  Sometimes, it’ll be me babbling about the chickens, or some new plant that is blooming on site, or even some of the attempts we’re making at being a more ecologically friendly site.

So basically, anything that falls out of my head related to LARPing or the Commons. ^_^

Today my babble will be: an interview! The victim . . . er . . . lucky winner of this interview is Rourkie, plot team/staff member of Isles. You may remember the Isles is happening this weekend at YoC. *hint hiiiiiinnnnnt  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!!!!!!^_^ Ahem. Without further disruptions, ladies and germs, the interview:

Lookin' at you, kid.
Lookin’ at you, kid.

Name or most commonly used larp pseudonym: Rourkie

Age (geologic eras accepted):  Close enough to 32 to count -_^

How long have you been larping: 10 years

First game: The Isles, as a player character

Current Game(s): Plot Team/Staff for the Isles, recently converted Player Character to NPC in Cottington Woods, NPC and Plot Liason for Draconis, Player Character for Lione

What’s your favorite part about the sport? Honestly? Getting dressed up and being someone else. It’s like a living novel, and everyone has a story to tell, all at once.

And on that note, there’s quite a debate about it being a sport. I say that if golf is, larping is. Thoughts?: Oh, it’s a LOT more of a sport than golf. Combine running, fencing, hiking, and bobsledding (yes, bobsledding!) into one Mega-Sport and you have LARPing.  I’ve played golf – wasn’t sore at the end of the day. After a weekend of LARPing, you’re sore all over, but it’s a good sore.

Favorite character you’ve played and why? /Favorite moment or memory of all your years of larping? Probably my PC Stryker from Lione. He’s so morally ambiguous! Seriously, though, he’s the last Rock Star on Earth. It helps me get in touch with my narcissistic side, which doesn’t always get much time to shine through in real life. Also, being able to get the town to sing along to Wonderwall just by playing a few chords still remains one of my favorite LARPing moments.

the movie version of Stryker
The movie version of Stryker

Who would play that character in the film of the larp? Robert Pattinson, hands down. He’s got the look, the accent… the attitude. Not everyone can be a Rock Star, you know.

What do you think is the most essential part of a character? (costume, makeup, back story, accent . . . ?) Backstory is essential for your character. The more you give your GMs to work with, the more enriching your experience will be. And the more you know about your character going in, the easier it is to play. Now that having been said, characters can surprise you. I generally end up writing half my backstory after the first event, because your character often has different plans than his/her player might have realized.

Why do giraffes have such long necks?  To get to the best leaves, of course.

Who is your larp hero? The person that exemplifies all the positives of the sport for you?  Andy French is my LARP hero. He got me into the sport, he’s been around the LARP community forever and has been able to shape it for years now. He’s resourceful, responsive, and congenial, whether he’s playing a character or staffing. Really, what it comes down to is he’s not afraid to put his creativity to use, and isn’t afraid to help others do the same.

What is your biggest larping pet peeve? Probably extended out-of-character conversations. There’s nothing worse than having a discussion about your favorite video game when you’re in a medieval LARP. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Meta-conversation in LARP. It skirts the line of breaking game, but it gives people a chance to “revert to themselves” and take a break from playing their characters. I also don’t mind if you have anachronistic ($50 word!) conversations quietly away from everyone else, but if your character doesn’t know what you might be talking about, then keep the conversation private and away from other players.

How long have you been a GM at Isles?  I’ve GMed the Isles for about 5 years now, 6 if you include pre-planning for our current campaign.

How you feel about the Isles coming to and end? It’s definitely bittersweet. I’ve been involved with this game for the last third of my life. I’m happy to resolve story lines, but sad to see the game ending.

What’s your next big project (larp related or not)? Related to the last point, we talked about maybe doing an Isles 3 at some point, but we want to give players (and staff, I’d imagine!) a break from the world for a little bit. I’m sure we’ll re-entertain the thought in a couple of years. Other than that, it’s hard to say. I’m just starting to help Draconis get off the ground, and I haven’t been able to make as many events this year as I’d like. It’ll be nice to have more time to work with them.

How much longer do you think you’ll keep larping/gming/npcing? For as long as I’m living. It’s a good outlet for my creative impulses, and I really love helping put on a good time for others.

What’s worse at a larp: being cold and tired or having wet socks and no clean dry ones? Wet socks, no contest. Being cold and tired is a part of LARP, it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, even if you’re exhausted. Wet socks just cause blisters and grossness, and is usually a result of cold weather anyway, so yeah. Always pack extra, extra socks. (Like, twice as many as you need) Oh, and extra shoes/boots too.

Bonus round: What three famous people (alive or not) would you love to larp with and why? Oh man, that’s a tough question . . .

– Simon Pegg and his crew seem like they’d be amazing to LARP with. Their movies are pretty much LARPs in and of themselves.

– David Tenant seems like he’d get super excited about doing really dumb things as players.

– Bill Murray. Enough said. = )


Thanks so much Rourkie!

Well that’s all for me this week. Stay tuned next Tuesday for the preview of next weekend’s larp! Have a great weekend, and remember the words of wisdom from Rourkie: “Always pack extra, extra socks.”


Leda et al