Babble Day! – Interview Version: Rourkie

Today is the day on this blog when we babble!

It could be about larp gear, armor accessories, props, makeup and techniques, prosthetics, game theory, interviews from LARPers (GM’s, NPC’s, Owners, PC’s etc etc), or news and views from YoC!  Sometimes, it’ll be me babbling about the chickens, or some new plant that is blooming on site, or even some of the attempts we’re making at being a more ecologically friendly site.

So basically, anything that falls out of my head related to LARPing or the Commons. ^_^

Today my babble will be: an interview! The victim . . . er . . . lucky winner of this interview is Rourkie, plot team/staff member of Isles. You may remember the Isles is happening this weekend at YoC. *hint hiiiiiinnnnnt  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!!!!!!^_^ Ahem. Without further disruptions, ladies and germs, the interview:

Lookin' at you, kid.
Lookin’ at you, kid.

Name or most commonly used larp pseudonym: Rourkie

Age (geologic eras accepted):  Close enough to 32 to count -_^

How long have you been larping: 10 years

First game: The Isles, as a player character

Current Game(s): Plot Team/Staff for the Isles, recently converted Player Character to NPC in Cottington Woods, NPC and Plot Liason for Draconis, Player Character for Lione

What’s your favorite part about the sport? Honestly? Getting dressed up and being someone else. It’s like a living novel, and everyone has a story to tell, all at once.

And on that note, there’s quite a debate about it being a sport. I say that if golf is, larping is. Thoughts?: Oh, it’s a LOT more of a sport than golf. Combine running, fencing, hiking, and bobsledding (yes, bobsledding!) into one Mega-Sport and you have LARPing.  I’ve played golf – wasn’t sore at the end of the day. After a weekend of LARPing, you’re sore all over, but it’s a good sore.

Favorite character you’ve played and why? /Favorite moment or memory of all your years of larping? Probably my PC Stryker from Lione. He’s so morally ambiguous! Seriously, though, he’s the last Rock Star on Earth. It helps me get in touch with my narcissistic side, which doesn’t always get much time to shine through in real life. Also, being able to get the town to sing along to Wonderwall just by playing a few chords still remains one of my favorite LARPing moments.

the movie version of Stryker
The movie version of Stryker

Who would play that character in the film of the larp? Robert Pattinson, hands down. He’s got the look, the accent… the attitude. Not everyone can be a Rock Star, you know.

What do you think is the most essential part of a character? (costume, makeup, back story, accent . . . ?) Backstory is essential for your character. The more you give your GMs to work with, the more enriching your experience will be. And the more you know about your character going in, the easier it is to play. Now that having been said, characters can surprise you. I generally end up writing half my backstory after the first event, because your character often has different plans than his/her player might have realized.

Why do giraffes have such long necks?  To get to the best leaves, of course.

Who is your larp hero? The person that exemplifies all the positives of the sport for you?  Andy French is my LARP hero. He got me into the sport, he’s been around the LARP community forever and has been able to shape it for years now. He’s resourceful, responsive, and congenial, whether he’s playing a character or staffing. Really, what it comes down to is he’s not afraid to put his creativity to use, and isn’t afraid to help others do the same.

What is your biggest larping pet peeve? Probably extended out-of-character conversations. There’s nothing worse than having a discussion about your favorite video game when you’re in a medieval LARP. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Meta-conversation in LARP. It skirts the line of breaking game, but it gives people a chance to “revert to themselves” and take a break from playing their characters. I also don’t mind if you have anachronistic ($50 word!) conversations quietly away from everyone else, but if your character doesn’t know what you might be talking about, then keep the conversation private and away from other players.

How long have you been a GM at Isles?  I’ve GMed the Isles for about 5 years now, 6 if you include pre-planning for our current campaign.

How you feel about the Isles coming to and end? It’s definitely bittersweet. I’ve been involved with this game for the last third of my life. I’m happy to resolve story lines, but sad to see the game ending.

What’s your next big project (larp related or not)? Related to the last point, we talked about maybe doing an Isles 3 at some point, but we want to give players (and staff, I’d imagine!) a break from the world for a little bit. I’m sure we’ll re-entertain the thought in a couple of years. Other than that, it’s hard to say. I’m just starting to help Draconis get off the ground, and I haven’t been able to make as many events this year as I’d like. It’ll be nice to have more time to work with them.

How much longer do you think you’ll keep larping/gming/npcing? For as long as I’m living. It’s a good outlet for my creative impulses, and I really love helping put on a good time for others.

What’s worse at a larp: being cold and tired or having wet socks and no clean dry ones? Wet socks, no contest. Being cold and tired is a part of LARP, it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, even if you’re exhausted. Wet socks just cause blisters and grossness, and is usually a result of cold weather anyway, so yeah. Always pack extra, extra socks. (Like, twice as many as you need) Oh, and extra shoes/boots too.

Bonus round: What three famous people (alive or not) would you love to larp with and why? Oh man, that’s a tough question . . .

– Simon Pegg and his crew seem like they’d be amazing to LARP with. Their movies are pretty much LARPs in and of themselves.

– David Tenant seems like he’d get super excited about doing really dumb things as players.

– Bill Murray. Enough said. = )


Thanks so much Rourkie!

Well that’s all for me this week. Stay tuned next Tuesday for the preview of next weekend’s larp! Have a great weekend, and remember the words of wisdom from Rourkie: “Always pack extra, extra socks.”


Leda et al

Menu for 6/12/2015-6/14/2015

Unicorn enjoys iced tea and a grass salad.
Unicorn enjoys iced tea and a grass salad.

Good morning all,

(Please forgive my derp-i-corn. I am no artist. And no, I don’t know how he’s going to use that spoon . . . or why . . . O_o )

(But until I get one of you fancy artist types to trump me, this will be the picture for menu day!)

If you’re going to be on site this weekend there’s a few things you should do: hydrate, change your socks, listen to the GM’s; and of course eat!

Here’s the menu for this weekend and some factoids and tidbits about it.

Saturday – 9am Breakfast

Omelets & eggs to order – Please see below for the specialty omelet menu.

Biscuits & Gravy – We are contractually obligated to serve them at Isles ^_^




Bagels & Toast

Fresh Fruit

Coffee, Tea, Juice

Specialty Omelets

Harley Quinn: Cream cheese, honey, & strawberries – I know, it sounds weird. But it’s really good. It comes out something like a strawberry crepe.

The Lazy Hero: Sausage gravy, bacon, onions, & cheese. – This was the most ordered omelet at Covenant last weekend!

Monte Cristo: Turkey, ham, swiss, & a drizzle of maple syrup. – Puck’s favorite diner food in omelet form

Carnivore: All the meats and American cheese.

Veggiesaurus: All the veggies and American cheese

Omnivore: All the veggies, all the meats, and American cheese.

The Mouse: All the cheeses (cheddar, American, & Swiss)

Slow Poke Rodriguez: The Mouse, but with hot sauce, onions, olives, tomatoes, and a dollop of sour cream.

‘On fire’: Any of the above with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese.

1 pm Lunch: TBD (Since Isles is the only larp that requests lunch, this always throws me for a loop. I promise I’ll have something planned by Friday!)

6pm Dinner

Chicken Enchilada Casserole – a new recipe I’m trying out for the second time. It’s a semi traditional chicken enchilada filing mixture topped with cornbread. It cooks up something like chicken and dumplings, but with a Mexican flair. Covenant gave it rave reviews; I hope Isles likes it too! Unfortunately, because of the corn bread, this is not gluten free.

Vegetarian/Vegan – Mexican tofu – It’s tofu in a taco inspired Mexican sauce. It’s great over rice! This is gluten free.


Green Beans

Garden Salad

Cheesy Garlic Bread – a YoC classic. Fresh bread coated in garlic butter and cheddar cheese. Crisped to perfection, it’s a great side to clean your plate with. ^_^

Iced Tea & Lemonade

Chocolate Cream Ice Box Cake – Another relatively new recipe for YoC, one adapted from my maternal Grandmother’s recipe collection. Layers of a sweet whipped cream cheese mixture and chocolate mousse turn everyday graham crackers into moist cake when let sit in the fridge overnight. I make it, and I don’t really understand how it works. (I mean, I know the science, but there’s a bit of other wizardry there) But it does work. And it’s amazing. Cool to refresh you at the end of a long day, but sweet and dense enough to satisfy most sweet tooth . . . um . . . teeth?

 Sunday – A note about Sunday, it’s always listed as below, with just the ‘cold’ items, but we generally serve omelets, bacon, etc. until it’s all gone.






Fresh Fruit




 Snacks and Drinks are located in the refrigerator, which is tucked into the corner by the main doors. This is an honor bar, so please place your payment in the box on top of the fridge. We generally only stock the items below, but sometimes there will be fresh baked goods, random snacks, and assorted goodies. If you’d like to see something in there, just ask!

Deli Sandwiches $3, Candy $1, Soda $1, Monster Rehab $2, Ramen $1, Bottled Water $1, Tea $1

That’s all for today folks!


Leda et al

LARP Preview: The Isles: Purgatory Station

Greetings and salutations wonderful people,

Today is Tuesday, which means you’ll get a preview/review of this weekends larp at YoC.

This weekend’s larp is The Isles: Purgatory Station

If you’ve never heard of the Isles, here’s the idea:

“Purgatory Station is a multi-genre LARP where the inhabitants of infinite worlds come together in a tale of political intrigue, frontier adventure, and high fantasy. Your character can be virtually anything and anyone you can imagine. Come rub elbows with wizards, cyborgs, vampires, and more.”

It is run by a group of intensely creative people with high production value, tons of plot, and stellar crafting mechanics.

And now the bit that you’ve all been waiting for, the plot teaser for this weekend!

As the summer festival of Vestalia approaches, so does the army of the insect-like Hive. The alien Galeesh and the proud warrior clan of the Vannegar stand ready to aid the people of Purgatory Station against their common foe, but will even their aid be enough? Will the path ahead lead to victory or defeat? It’s time for the final stand against an enemy that the Empire of Hardestaan has fought for centuries

Sounds epic!

sunHere’s what this weekend looks like weather wise:

Friday will be partly cloudy with temps reaching a high of 82 and low of 61, Saturday will be partly cloudy with a high of 77 and low of 61 (with a chance of thunderstorms that afternoon), and Sunday will be mostly cloudy and humid and have a high of 80 and low of 61.

So check those tents for loose seams and gather up your summer costumes! And please please please bring bug spray and sunscreen! They mosquitos and ticks are very much represented this year. The sciencey types blame the type of winter we had . . . I’m betting it had more to do with last year’s Cthulhu ‘game’. ^_^ But either way, they’re relentless.

Of course if you don’t want to play, they could always use NPC’s. (Is there really a larp that can’t?) So pack your blacks and c’mon down. Need more motivation? They have CP exchanges with several other larps. If you’re curious about which ones; drop them a line or ask when you sign in.

Isles Contact E-mails :

Event Registrations : If possible, please use this link: or, you may e-mail to :

NPC Registration :

Character Information :

Contact the GM :

Contact Plot :

Have a great week people and hope to see a lot of you on Friday!


Leda et al


Good afternoon fellow larp enthusiasts!

Welcome to the first blog post for Ye Olde Commons! What is Ye Olde Commons, you might muse? Ye Olde Commons is a facility dedicated to providing a camp site with a medieval flair.  The site is used for many different gatherings, including LARP camps, faires, re-enactments, and receptions.  With amenities to support events year-round, it is a place where New England LARPs can feel at home.

Would you like to meet the dedicated owner, staff, and other denizens of the camp? Of course you would. Avanti!

Harald stilt walking as king of the giants
Harald stilt walking as king of the giants

Harald: Harald is the owner and operator of this 40 acre home for the imagination. He’s been making a safe, interesting, engaging place for larps since early 2005. He is an avid larper and board gamer and is pretty much the best stilt walker and larp fighter around. If you’d like to contact Harald about events, board games or any other questions you might have please feel free to drop him an email at


Puck at the SKRF
Puck at the SKRF

Puck: Puck has been groundskeeper at YoC since 2013. If you need anything while you’re on site, he’s your guy. Puck is also an avid larper, if you’ve played a game at the Commons or one of a half dozen other New England larp sites, you’ve probably seen him NPCing. He’s the one with the curly hair and the charming devil-may-care grin that goes from ear to ear. (The author may be a bit biased, though, she’s been his wife for the past four years ^_~) He is also a boffer and armor maker, nerf gun modder, and video gaming enthusiast. If you’d like to contact Puck he can be found at

Kitchen Staff:

Leda at her best friends Victorian wedding
Leda at her best friend’s Victorian wedding

Leda: Leda has been cooking for larps off and on for 13 years. She’s also GM’d, NPC’d and PC’d a few games since 2000. She will also be your humble guide in this blog on the news and views from YoC. If you’d like to chat with her, contact her here or at


Inger, looking adorable, as usual
Inger, looking adorable, as usual

Inger: has been cooking for larps for the last 10 years. She started out as a player and quickly moved over to director at LIONE, which she helped run for 6 years.

JT as his fae at Knight Blades
JT as his fae at Knight Blades

Josh ‘JT’: JT is a newer member of the kitchen staff. He’s an experienced larper (8yrs) and cook (6yrs) and loves every minute of it. His favorite dish is lemon pepper chicken! He lives to please here at YOC!


Jenny as her fae at Knight Blades
Jenny as her fae at Knight Blades

Jenny: Jenny, (also known as Pigeon) is one of the newest employees. She has been a larper for over 4 years and loves everything about it, including sewing her own costumes and making jewelry. When she isn’t working or crafting she likes to spend her time gaming on her computer and spending time with animals

Jason, being charming
Jason, being charming

Jason: Jason is the actual newest member of the YoC kitchen. {Insert bio here, as soon as I shake it out of him}



There are a quite a few wild animals on site, such as rabbits, turkeys, deer, and a plethora of birds and rodents. If you’re around during certain times of day, you can also see the great blue heron fly across camp from its hunting grounds to its nest.

But there are also a few domesticated animals on site! They’re all very friendly and would love to say hello!


Snuggly cats!
Snuggly cats!

Athos: (seen here curled up with Musoki) Athos has been around for quite a while now; we think she’s about 8 years old. She’s the grey tiger striped cat, infamously know to some as ‘Larp cat’. Athos is a mighty hunter, mostly owing to her polydactyly, but she tends to let the younger camp cat do most of the work now. If you see her in the house or npc headquarters, please feel free to let her out, she is mostly an outdoor cat. Both cats’ food and water bowls are upstairs by the NPC bunk room. Speaking of which, please leave the door to the bunk room closed at all times, so that the cats don’t get in. They’d love to sleep with you, but because of allergies we can’t let them.

'Enjoying' the flowers?
‘Enjoying’ the flowers?

Musoki: (Moo-so-key) Musoki is a four year old black male cat. He used to be an apartment dweller but now loves the freedom (and hunting!) that YoC provides. Even though he’s a bit on the tubby side, I assure you he’s not pregnant. ^_~ He bulked up for the winter and will slim down again in the summer months. He is also very friendly and will always stop for a petting or belly rub. No worries about letting him outside, he’s mostly an outdoor cat now and only comes in to eat.


Morgrim in June (9 months old!)
Morgrim in June (9 months old!)

Morgrim: Morgrim is a new addition to the YoC family. He’s a 9 month old boxer/shepherd/lab/deer mix. Okay, maybe it’s not actually deer genetics, but boy, does he jump like one. Morgrim isn’t very well behaved yet, but he is very very friendly, and will try to jump up on you to say hello. If you see him anywhere but behind the fence in our kitchen, please let one of the staff know ASAP. He’s not allowed out during larp weekends unless he’s on leash with one of us.

Chickens enjoying an apple.
Chickens enjoying an apple.

The Chickens: We have five chickens on site as well! Two Dominiques (the black and white ones) and three Australorps (the all black ones). Anyone that played at the Commons this winter may have heard their eerie dinosaur-like noises coming from the front section of the barn. They will be outside in their pen until fall. Please feel free to stop by and say hello; they’re pretty friendly . . . for chickens, of course. Their pen will move around the paddock by the barn, giving them access to different grazing and other natural food sources. We keep them as close to the fence and parking lot as possible, so as not to disrupt mods or game play. If you see that the chickens have escaped, just let one of the staff know.

So now you’ve met all of us! Stay tuned for more news and insider info about YoC!


Leda et al