Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie

(Title is sniped from Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’. )

Hello dearlings! And Happy New Year! 2016 is shaping up to be a pretty busy one for YoC and I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces.

But if we’re going to feed those faces, we need to raise our prices.

The prices from past years do not reflect a few changes that have happened in the world and at YoC itself, and because of that we ended the year $2,000 in the red for LARP meal service. Which was a bit panic inducing, until we sat down and really looked at the facts and figures.

The prices of eggs and chicken products have gone up quite a bit in the last year because of avian influenza and the unfortunate amount of birds that had to be destroyed during the year (Just one recent example: Here. 😦 ). Since bird flu isn’t going anywhere, and chickens don’t just magically populate, we’re anticipating that chicken products are going to remain higher in price for a while.

The other change is our staff. We’ve got an incredible kitchen staff that do a great job, but in order to keep them around we’ve got to, you know . . . pay them. Since YoC has never really planned for staffing needs before, we had no idea what to expect. Now that we do, with a small price adjustment and some careful planning we should be golden.

We’ve also been cooking more of a variety of foods and more allergy or diet sensitive foods. Gluten free and vegan spring to mind, but we’ve been trying to cook specially for others as well. That does bring our costs up, but it’s something we’d like to continue to do. Cause we love ya’.

What does that really mean for all of you? It means that service will stay the same, the menu type and quality will stay the same, and the price will go up a dollar per meal.

As per usual you can still pay online here, or at the door.


Leda et al