Good morning darlings,

This weekend is Fourth of July. And that means that it’s also time for the first annual LARP-A-PALOOZA!!!! *crowd roars

We’ve nailed down the official Saturday schedule of events and now can share them with you! (Friday and Sunday are less regimented and more set up/clean up, socialize, and game as you see fit)

EDIT: Derp. I forgot to add the food competitions because I am full of duh this morning. Friday will be the Best Bite Competition (snacks, dips, or hors d’oeuvres)  and Sunday will be Most Magical Muffins (um, it’s a muffin competition). Winners will be decided by YoC staff and win fabulous prizes, that I will decide on this week. ^_~ 

8-10 am – We’ll be selling breakfast and everyone will be waking up and getting their ducks in a row.

10 am – The LARP Swap begins! Bring your costuming, masks, props, and larp stuff, drop it off and trade it in for new-to-you stuff! We ask that clothing is washed and props/masks are in decent condition. Jenny will be manning this area, so ask her if you have any questions.

– Also the vendors open for sale! Keep an eye out here, for descriptions!

11 am – Capture the Flag! Signup sheets will be available in the tavern for this camp wide, boffer fighting, run around like a crazy person, game of tower defense! Rules will be posted tomorrow.

12 pm – Lunch will be for sale from 12-2 pm. Keep watching this spot for menu and combo deals!

1 pm – From 1-5 pm KB will be running mods.  Here’s their pitch:

We are pleased to announce that Knight Blades ( ) will be hosting a spot this July 4th from 1pm to 5pm at the 1st Larp-a-palooza at Ye Olde Commons ( ).

Join us on a module, just like the ones we run at KB, to experience all the excitement and thrill that LARPing entails. Will you survive and walk away with your head held high and treasures in your sack? Or will your corpse serve as a grim warning to all other adventure hardy folks? Or join Joshua on his recently sanctified “Belicose’s Training Grounds”. Here you can safely hone your inner warrior’s natural abilities without the fear of a premature visit to Death.

If you, or whoever you are with at the Larp-a-polooza, have never LARPed before, this is a great chance to get a taste of the role play, boffer combat, and other-worldly immersion LARPing has to offer. If you are a seasoned LARPer, then come on by and see what KB can offer.

We look forward to seeing you on the 4th,

The Knight Blades Staff

2pm TBA

3pm TBA

4pm – Dinner will be for sale from 4-6 pm. Keep watching this spot for menu and combo deals!

-From 4-7 pm Puck & JT will be running boffer competitions! 1 handed, 2 handed, Sword & Board and a Grand Melee. Prizes TBA

5pm TBA

6pm TBA

7 pm TBA

8 pm At 8 the dance party starts in the mod building! Remember how cool the DJ from New Years was? (this guy: Drahck) Well we’ve got him again and he’s turning the mod building into a wicked cool place to strut your stuff. So. Excite.

9 pm – There will be a bonfire starting at 9, in the large pit by the stage. Because . . . it’s a bonfire. And it’s New England. This is what we do. ^_^ Singing of camp songs and eating of s’mores are encouraged.

10 pm – Capture the Glow. Remember that capture the flag game earlier in the day? Well add to it, darkness, glow sticks, and a little more stealth, and you’ve got the idea. We’re running a night time capture the flag game. (Signups for this will also be in the tavern.) Rules will be posted tomorrow.

All throughout the day there will be an opportunity to play board games in the tavern, play outdoor games . . . outdoors, learn about other LARPs and larpers in the area, eat, drink, socialize, and generally have a great time!

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