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Today’s preview seems like a cruel tease, since they’ve already reached their player cap. BUT they can always use NPC’s, and the info is good for those that made it in, so . . . on with the blog!

This week’s larp preview/review is. . . CAMP HATCHET!

Camp Hatchet is a one shot game taking place from Friday June 26th – Sunday June 28th. The story is something so simple and cool, but one I’ve never run across before. (Disclaimer: I’m sure there has been a larp like this, nothing new under the sun and all, but it’s new to me.)

Here’s their boilerplate on the type of games that this group runs:

Camp Hatchet is a Live Action Role Playing Event, or LARP for short.

Part of the Prophecy: Apocalypse series, these games are designed to get you right into the action and keep you on your toes throughout the event. Each Apocalypse game is a one-shot (a single weekend event) that puts the players into a survival, do or die type scenario. Your primary goal is to live through the weekend, but you will have other tasks to accomplish as well.

Here are the whys/hows of the story:

It is an indiscriminate year during the 1980s…. The infamous Camp Hatchettawnee, the site of a grisly murder over a decade ago, has recently reopened and is accepting applicants for camp counselors. You are a teenager who has been accepted and have arrived at camp to receive a week-long counselor training.

However, strange and creepy things begin to happen at the idyllic camp. People go missing. Shadowy figures are seen in the woods. You begin to learn that this camp has a dark and sinister past.

As night falls, the noose tightens, the blood begins to flow, and nobody is safe. Miles away from civilization, the young counselors-to-be must survive long enough to find a means to escape.

I am wicked excited. ^_^

 I’ve read in the rulebook that we don’t bring weapons into game. But throughout the day Saturday we learn how to do activities, like real camp councilors would.

(And here comes the conjecture –>) Activities like fishing, archery, first aid, um rifles? And uh . . . crafts? No idea? Aaaaand via those activities we get our weapon and defense skills? And learn where weapons are cached for later in the day/night? But that’s just my speculation, don’t take that as law.

On to the when’s of this story: here’s the tentative schedule of happenings. 

Schedule (times are approximate)

Check-in and registration: 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Pre-game meeting (mandatory): 9:30 PM

Movie showing (TBA): 10 PM

Bed time: 12:00am

Breakfast: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Game on: 10:00 AM

Event runs to game conclusion, approximately 2:00 – 3:00 AM Sunday Morning

Post game continental breakfast: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Sunday morning End of game meeting, epilogue: 10:00 AM

*meals serving requires purchasing the meal plan

 I think one of my favorite parts of this larp’s schedule is that Friday night is horror movie night! A totally out of game experience so we can all psyche ourselves out all night until game on the next morning. Brilliant! It’s always good to begin a one shot horror larp with lack of sleep, rubbery legs, and a head full of slashers.

I will post pics on Monday, if I get any good ones!

Now the sad news from our organizers and an option:

Camp Hatchet has reached the player cap!

If you’d like to be added to the wait list please email us at

But hey, don’t miss out on the mayhem. Sign up to Cast via the form below, we could always use more spirited murderers to help kill all our lovely players. As a reminder, cast members must still purchase the meal plan if they wish to be fed.

Sign Up to Cast

Some of the rest of the staff and I will be cooking this weekend. So if you’re interested here’s the idea and where to sign up:

Meal Plan

$26 YoC Mealplan, includes:

  • Saturday Breakfast
  • Saturday Dinner
  • Sunday Continental Breakfast

Purchase Meal Plan

And here’s all the contact info:

The Facebook:

The Website:

The Email:

A sort of /kind of /mostly related anecdote:

My first larping experience was in 7th grade, but I didn’t know it as larping. In our district, two elementary schools from different towns dumped into one junior high. So to make us bond they sent us to Nature’s Classroom for a week before school started. We stayed in cabins and did all the traditional camping stuff but also did ‘school’ stuff too. For our history class we were given historical notes on escaped slaves, each picked a persona, and then we had to make it through the ‘underground railroad’. There were very few rules. If we were somewhere and we heard the ‘slavers’ coming we could lay flat on the ground (face down) and if we didn’t make any noise or move, they couldn’t find us. Other than that, everything was WYSIWIG (another term I didn’t know until about 10 years after this story) One of the councilors was our guide and she lead us into the deep woods, slogged us through the bogs, and snuck us through the cabins, which now looked like turn of the century farm houses on the inside. Sometimes after we’d hide in the cabins to rest and drink water, a ‘slaver’ would come in and ‘search’ the cabin, while the ‘house owner’ tried to distract him. I remember I was hiding behind the couch and he kind of tossed himself onto it while ranting about slaves, trying to make us squeak. I thought my heart was going to explode; but, to my credit, I didn’t make any noise or burst into tears.^_^ At the end of the afternoon they had us make a final push for freedom, I believe it was some town in New England but my memory on that is fuzzy. Our guide said it was too dangerous for her; we’d have to go it alone. We all paused for a few seconds, in shock, and watched her walk away. Then we sized each other up. . . And then 10-15 kids reenacted Lord of the Flies while scrambling through the woods to get to the amphitheater that represented freedom. We pushed each other, we tossed one another to the ‘slaver’s dogs’ (a friendly camp dog named Sydney), and ran as fast as our pre-teen legs could carry us. I, before really knowing I had crappy lungs, lost my breath and couldn’t continue. I chucked myself to the ground and laid flat on my face, wheezing and sniveling in the dirt. The ‘slaver’ that had been chasing me caught up, looked me over for a second, and then nudged me with his boot and whispered “It’s really close, kid, go ahead.” I imagine I was a pretty pathetic sight: a preteen girl wheezing and crying into the leaves, all alone. But in reality I was all alone because as soon as I saw the others and their ‘kill the pig’ swarm, I booked it away from them. I looked up at him all big eyed and said ‘really?’ He nodded and I got up and ran like crazy. He yelled something after me, ‘I’ll get you next time’ or something so the others wouldn’t know I’d gotten a pass. I staggered into the amphitheater and sat down with everyone else for popsicles, all of us looking vaguely spooked and stunned.

Since then I’ve played a bunch of larps, and two other one shot horror/suspense games. I lived through the first horror larp and died of insanity during the second. (Both Cthulhu games at YoC) So my horror larp track record isn’t so great. If we count the Freedom trail, I’ve technically lost more than I’ve won. But really, I find that horror games aren’t about that. It’s about lasting as long as you can. It’s about being so amped up that even when there’s no GM/NPC’s around you’re still terrified and jump every time a leaf falls. It’s about facing death. Then when you do die, laying there letting the adrenaline fade, then getting up and being able to laugh about how you croaked with your friends. It’s the same as watching a scary movie; it’s the safe adrenaline rush. But don’t sneak up on me next week after game . . . I’ll probably scream and jump a foot. ^_^

Wish me luck and hope to see all of you at YoC this weekend!


Leda et al

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