Greetings and salutations wonderful people,

Today is Tuesday, which means you’ll get a preview/review of this weekends larp at YoC.

This weekend’s larp is The Isles: Purgatory Station

If you’ve never heard of the Isles, here’s the idea:

“Purgatory Station is a multi-genre LARP where the inhabitants of infinite worlds come together in a tale of political intrigue, frontier adventure, and high fantasy. Your character can be virtually anything and anyone you can imagine. Come rub elbows with wizards, cyborgs, vampires, and more.”

It is run by a group of intensely creative people with high production value, tons of plot, and stellar crafting mechanics.

And now the bit that you’ve all been waiting for, the plot teaser for this weekend!

As the summer festival of Vestalia approaches, so does the army of the insect-like Hive. The alien Galeesh and the proud warrior clan of the Vannegar stand ready to aid the people of Purgatory Station against their common foe, but will even their aid be enough? Will the path ahead lead to victory or defeat? It’s time for the final stand against an enemy that the Empire of Hardestaan has fought for centuries

Sounds epic!

sunHere’s what this weekend looks like weather wise:

Friday will be partly cloudy with temps reaching a high of 82 and low of 61, Saturday will be partly cloudy with a high of 77 and low of 61 (with a chance of thunderstorms that afternoon), and Sunday will be mostly cloudy and humid and have a high of 80 and low of 61.

So check those tents for loose seams and gather up your summer costumes! And please please please bring bug spray and sunscreen! They mosquitos and ticks are very much represented this year. The sciencey types blame the type of winter we had . . . I’m betting it had more to do with last year’s Cthulhu ‘game’. ^_^ But either way, they’re relentless.

Of course if you don’t want to play, they could always use NPC’s. (Is there really a larp that can’t?) So pack your blacks and c’mon down. Need more motivation? They have CP exchanges with several other larps. If you’re curious about which ones; drop them a line or ask when you sign in.

Isles Contact E-mails :

Event Registrations : If possible, please use this link: or, you may e-mail to :

NPC Registration :

Character Information :

Contact the GM :

Contact Plot :

Have a great week people and hope to see a lot of you on Friday!


Leda et al

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